Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some things I never want to forget..

As I was putting my kiddos to bed tonight it struck me that there are a few random things I never want to forget about this time in my life. So, without further are my random thoughts in no order whatsoever accompanied by some recent pics of my loves!

I don't care how big Jackson gets, I will forever carry him to his room after he falls asleep. He has always loved being in our bed to read a story at night and he usually falls asleep before the story is over. As I was carrying him to his room tonight I realized how tall he had gotten and how his legs dangled past MY knees while holding him! As I laid him down in his bed he sat up, grabbed my neck and gave me a huge hug and said, "thank you mommy. I love you." I'll carry him forever.

Walker is a face toucher. When you are feeding him a bottle or if he is just simply sitting in your lap, he turns to face you and lays his hand on your cheek. His eyes look deep into yours and its as if he is studying your face as you study his. It takes my breath away sometimes.

Walker's favorite thing is when Jackson and I whisper in his ear, "stinky cheese." It's random, I know. One day we were walking through Whole Foods and we walked past the cheese section. It smelled really bad and I must have whispered stinky cheese loud enough for Walker and Jackson to hear. Both started hysterically laughing at the same time so now we say "stinky cheese" all of the time and we all laugh.

I am so glad I am a boy mommy. Everytime I go to mistletoe market or some other kids boutique it totally stresses me out seeing all of the accessories and outfit choices for girls. I am so thankful that in the morning when getting everyone ready to go all I have to do is grab pants and a shirt or jersey of some sort and everyone is happy. Bows make me break out in hives.

I love Jackson's love for books. He can't wait for us to read to him at night and it since I am a book nerd and could be happy reading all day, it literally makes my heart sing when he begs for one more chapter at the end of the night...and it's not because he doesn't want to go to's because he can't bear to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens in the book we are reading.

At the end of each prayer we say as a family we always say, " and God bless Isaiah." Somehow, along the way, someone started fist bumping their chest and then pointing a peace sign at the sky after saying Isaiah's name in the prayer. It's totally ghetto and I love that we all do it. I hope we never stop.

Jackson tattled on me today to Renzi because I said, "sh**." To my credit, Walker had been crying all afternoon (he has another ear infection) and as I went to feed him his dinner tonight he threw his hand up right as I got the spoon near his mouth and his food flew all over my face. You would have said "sh**" too.

Walker smiles and flirts with any woman that comes in his path. It's hilarious. Quite the ladies man.

Jackson still say "Otay" for "Okay," and he says "Barely" instead of "seriously." For example, "Mom I ate my lunch. Barely." Or, "I am so barely good at basketball." I could correct him but I don't want to. Not just yet.

I love it when the boys do something precious and Renzi and my eyes meet over their heads and we share that special smile. That smile says more than words could even say.

Just some things I had on my mind today that I never want to forget!!!
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Ashley said...

Love this post! This is my whole reason for never forget things! And I especially love the barely/seriously part. I rarely correct Hadley because I thinks its so funny and not for very long that she says it wrong. Your boys are precious!