Friday, October 5, 2012

Magical place.

After a quick stop in D.C. where we dropped the Walk man off with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave, the hubs and I hopped on a plane to Paris!

I heart business class.

I heart the big seats, but sadly we did not sleep in our overnight flight. We arrived in Paris at 6 a.m. and caffeined up and pressed on. We rented a car and drove to Normandy to see the D-Day museum and Omaha beach.

It truly is so amazing to think of the sacrifice these soldiers made. The thousands and thousands who made the journey and the thousands and thousands who lost their lives here. A simple thank you to those men and women just isn't enough!

It rained and rained this day so we made a stop in Reoun at the halfway point to wait the rain out. We had some wine and shopped around.

As I mentioned earlier my sweet sis and brother in law are watching Walker for us while we are gone. (Jackson is at home with my mom for a few days an our wonderful sitter Kayla for a few days. He has school, soccer, and birthday parties he didn't want to miss!) My bedtime Jackie (in the pic below) got to meet Walker last night when she went to see him at Ginny and Dave's. I love that they got to meet and I think it is so funny how long and still Walker looks in this pic!

Oh I miss this cutie!!!

Cousins plying together! I get so excited when Ginny and Dave send me a picture!

This one cracks me up. These two are going to be buddies for life! Walker does look a bit concerned with his driver.a

Today while Renzi was at his meetings I spent a lot of time at one of my most favorite places in the world. The Louvre.

The details in this building are amazing. This is a pic of one of the ceilings!

The Mona Lisa. Hard to believe it is this small huh?

This painting was one of my favorites of the day.

They had a new Islamic exhibit so I strolled through for a while.

And I have spent the rest of my afternoon wandering around, shopping, reading, listening to music, and buying some wine and cheese to munch on later. This place is magical.

Oh, and here is the pic I got from Ginny this morning! Le sigh....

Au revoir!

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Dustin@WeGoRTW said...

I can't imagine Renzi in coach, I have a hard enough time as it is. Great Shots