Saturday, October 27, 2012


I was just looking through some pics on my phone and I just love seeing so many pics with Jackson and his friends. He is so blessed to have so many wonderful buddies in his life!

Love this picture of Jackson and Lauren downtown. Sweet sweet Lauren. She's going to be my daughter-in-law someday if I have any say in it. :)

Precious CJ Heskett! We love this big 3 year old to pieces! Always full of life and full of laughs.

Love these pics of Jackson and Lilly......just cruisin in her backyard in her Escalade. No Big Deal.

Uh oh....they are up to SOMETHING!

And love these Soccer Buddies! Love that they get to play soccer together and learn about teamwork together!

We have been to a lot of birthday parties is the Walkman at the Science Museum!

And afterwards at another birthday party at Fuzzy's downtown. Cuties!

Also discovered while looking through my phone were a couple of videos that Jackson had taken of himself. Oh. My. Goodness. He's whispering, but I *think* he says, "I'm going to give a concert and sing and invite my whole family."

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