Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Million Dollar Baby

I was making dinner the other night and Jackson said he was going to go back and play basketball in my room...this is a normal occurance and he will go into his closet and put on his "uniform" (a jersey of some sort, baskeball shorts, his Jordans and a sweat band). He will then, amazingly, find the NBA channel on TV and turn on a basktball game, set up his basketball goal and go to town playing basketball...sometimes for HOURS at a time. It's actually really really cute...and he is actually freakishly good.

So, imagine my surprise when I walked back to get him for dinner and found him like this....

He had somehow found boxing on one of the ESPN channels and had pulled out his punching bag from his playroom, dragged it into my room, hoisted it up onto my bed and was boxing.

I asked him why he had put it on my bed and he replied, "Mom, the guys are in their boxing ring...this is mine. Plus, if I fall down, I land on your soft bed and don't get hurt."

Sometimes I think I might seriously keel over from his cuteness.

- Lee Anne

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