Monday, September 5, 2011

The Birthday.

I'm totally behind on any sort of blogging. This being pregnant thing has really got me more scatterbrained than normal...but here is a blog about Jackson's 4th birthday and party!

Jackson's 4th Birthday started out with a BANG!

BANG. Alarm clock did not wake me up on time. BANG! Hurry up and get out of the house. BANG! Last car in carpool line. BANG! They shut down carpool right as I was almost at the front so I had to walk him in.

I am getting better people. Seriously, I really am.

Renzi and I got to attend circle time with Jackson's class and we brought banana muffins that Jackson helped make. It was such fun watching these precious kiddos learn!

Here are two pics from circle time...the first is Jackson doing calendar work with his teacher.
The second is Jackson showing his birthday poster to his circle. The poster had a picture for each year he has been alive. It's amazing to see these pics side by side and see how much my little babe has grown.

Later that evening we headed to Bouncin' Craze where we had the party....The Justin Bieber themed party of course!

Precious Friends! Oh, and why, yes...that is a Justin Bieber life sized cut out. Oh, and why, yes, my child is wearing a ski cap. He said his head was cold. It was 135 degrees outside so obviously he was a little chilly.

Family Pic! Two things of note here. One, Jackson has hat head and has total Justin Bieber hair, his choice.

Two, I look really really pregnant. This third baby has really decided to just pop my tummy out really really early.

Look at these cuties!!!!

After the kiddos ate their pizza, we had a surprise guest...What Justin Bieber party is complete without a Justin Bieber impersonator?? Our sweet friend Michael Cano, who ironically was visiting over the weekend and couldn't fly back to NYC because of the Hurricane, agreed to use his talents and dress up like Justin Bieber, play a song on the guitar and do a dance to a Bieber song. Is that a good friend or what?

The good news is...I have video of this. The bad news is...It won't load onto blogger! Grrrr...I will work on it though, cause its one video that you do not want to miss out on!

All in all, we all had a great time at the party and I think Jackson had the best time of all! That night as we were putting our exhausted boy to sleep, he grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a hug and said, "Thank you Mom, for my party...oh and for not forgetting to order my cake."

Thanks son for your confidence. :)

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