Friday, September 16, 2011

13 weeks

I have zero pictures of me (ok, so no intentional belly pics) from my first two pregnancies so I thought I would steal an idea from my best buddy Addie's blog from when she was pregnant with sweet baby Beckett.

I want to remember this pregnancy and soak up all that I can so I am going to try to do a weekly belly shot with highlights and stats from the pregnancy so that years from now I can remember it! we go! This post will be from this past 13th week of pregnancy!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 weeks
Size of baby: The size of a Medium Shrimp
Maternity Clothes: I have broken out the maternity pants. EEK! So soon, but from what I have read, with this being my third baby it's pretty normal.
Gender: We don't know yet! We tried to find out at our doctor appointment this week but the baby's legs were crossed so we couldn't tell, still a little early.
Movement: Small flutters!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good, I just wake up a bunch to go to the restroom.
What I miss: I can't believe I miss this, but I miss running!!!
Cravings: Fruit and Veggies and Strawberry flavored Icing.
Symptoms: Feeling good, finally after a rough first trimester! Yay!
Best Moment this week: Getting a call from the doctor saying all of my bloodwork came back great and baby is healthy and growing wonderfully. Praise Jesus!

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