Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4 Years Old!

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious little man Jackson James Stone!!! Here are some pics from over the years....

Here he is right after he was born....5 pounds, 5 oz...18.5 inches long...a tiny little thing. He came at 36 weeks because my amniotic fluid was low. He was absolute perfection.

The two pictures below are when Jackson was 1 and then when he was 2.

Here's my big 3 year old! I walked into his playroom to find him giving himself tattoo sleeves. That was fun to wash off.

And here he is at almost 4 years old this summer in France. Still has great hair.

Dear Jackson,
I love love love love love you to the moon and back. I can not imagine my life without you in it. You have truly been a gift from God to your dad and I. You have taught us so much about ourselves, but also how to be better people.

You are so kind to everyone you meet, always greeting everyone with a hug, smile and a great big "Heeeyyy!!!" You are a social butterfly and I love watching you include others in whatever it is you are doing.

You have a love for God that is so pure and joyful. You always are the first to want to say a prayer for someone when you know they are hurting and you have the sweetest and most mature prayers. It is so evident that God is working in your life and that you want to help others to know Him as well.

I think you understood more about your brother than your dad and I ever could. It's almost as if you knew he would be living with God sooner than any of us thought, because of the way you accepted and taught us about Heaven. You said to me once, "Mommy, don't be sad...Zayah is in Heaven! With Jesus! And God! He's playing basketball and wrestling and he is so so happy. God is feeding him his bottle and making him pizza. It's going to be ok." How you knew to put it in those exact words showed me just how in tune you are with God.

You make me laugh harder than I ever thought was possible. You are so quick witted, smart and thoughtful in all that you say. Most of the time I think you are smarter than I am. Which you probably are. :)

Every night I always tell you how special you are and how you can be anything that you want to be. I hope you know just how true this is. I will always support you in whatever you decide to do in your life because I know you are following your heart.

It is an HONOR, my love, to be your mommy. Thank you for being my son!!!!

Love you THHIIISSSS MMMUUUCCCCCHHHH (arms stretched out wide),

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AmyC said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!! I so enjoyed watching Jackson play with my Little Guy at VBS this summer. They were precious!