Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picture Post

I take so many pictures throughout our days that I never really look at again....Today, I got a notice on my phone that I needed to delete some pictures and videos to create more space. I looked back through some of my pics from this summer(while downloading them to Dropbox on my laptop for safe keeping) and decided I just had to post some of them because they are so fun!

Jackson and his buddy Calen Furnish in their basketball gear. These boys are the cutest! Jackson is wearing Calen's Cleveland Lebron jersey. Vintage! :)

This water mat may be the greatest invention ever! Two of our friends at the lake each have one and it is always a fun time when they bring it out on the lake. Kids (and adults!) slipping and sliding all over the place.

Renzi was reading a bedtime story to Jackson and Jack Regan at our lake house. I thought it was so cute I just had to take a picture. After I took the picture I realized that Jack was wearing an Iron Man mask. Hilarious.

My little guy is quite the golfer! One night a few weeks ago he putted on the green for an hour and a half while Renzi and I enjoyed time on the patio at The Greens. Jackson has freakishly good hand eye coordination.

Me and my sweet boys on the 4th of July! I just love them to pieces.

Jackson likes to sit outside on our deck at the lake house and "look at the water." He likes to go out there in the mornings with a coffee mug full of milk. On this particular day he brought his DVD player and watched a little Justin Bieber.

Jackson and all of Addie's nephews having a ball while we were in the Mercy waiting room anxiously awaiting the arrival of Beckett Burke! These kids had more fun together and we sure made that waiting room a lot more interesting!

Jackson loved loved loved getting to hold Beckett (or as he calls him Bucket. Ha!). He seriously sat so still and held Beckett for 20 minutes! He kept whispering to Beckett that he was going to teach him how to walk and talk and shoot some hoops. Then he sang one of the lullaby's we used to sing to him when he was little, "Miracle," By Renee and Jeremy. I was a flipping mess and just cried and cried. Love this boy.

Amanda and Chloe came up to OKC to visit us and we went swimming one evening at The Greens. As we were leaving we snapped this picture of the two of them. So ADORABLE!

And then they held hands. LOVE!

Yesterday, I was mopping the floor and Jackson said, "Mom, let me mop the floor. You go sit down on the couch and watch Disney channel." Don't think I didn't take him up on that offer. :)

Hope you all are having a great week!

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