Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Hubs was out of town for the middle part of the week so I had a date with this guy....

We then had a shopping date with Dee Dee and Sidney Kate...we just had to grab some pizza after burning all of those calories trying on clothes! Look at these precious kiddos...obviously having a serious conversation over crayons.

Love these two! Totally going to show this at their wedding some day.

Jackson had his last soccer game of the season and he had quite the cheering squad! His Nana, Papaw, Grandma, G-Daddy and Uncle Matt all came out to see him score two goals, one of which was a legitimate goal and not for the other team. :)

These boys are the sweetest things ever! They are all classmates of Jackson's at Westminster and I am awe of each one of them! They all just adore eachother and have shown such teamwork and friendship, always helping someone up if they fall down and hugging on eachother for no reason at all. Love these boys!

After an amazing church service this morning and brunch with my mother-in-law and my mom, the boys and I decided to spend the afternoon swimming in our pool. Here is Jackson doing his signature "How big is Jackson?" "So Big!" Pic....

These boys are so good to me! I had such a wonderful day and am so thankful for them.

My precious baby boy and me.

Love this day!
-Lee Anne

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