Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Having a fab time in Hawaii....lots of relaxing, eating, sleeping, reading, running and laying on the beach. Pretty much paradise.

Happy 5th Anniversary to my honey bunny. There is no one I would want to go through this life with than you. We have been through a lot in 5 years of marriage, probably more than most people go through in a lifetime, but I am so proud of our steadfast love. You make me a better person and I thank you for loving me so well.

P.S. We make cute kids, don't ya think? :)

I regret I must end this blog post. The ocean is calling my name for another swim! Until next time, here are some pics of our trip so far....
Aren't we cute?

My view right this very minute!

This was called Artichoke Surprise. Pure goodness I tell ya.

-Lee Anne


addieburke said...

Love the hat!! You rocked it!

Allison said...

We love you guys. SO HAPPY you're having a blast!!!!