Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The God Box

I read this great article in November's Real Simple Magazine that really got me was about a mom who started a "God Box." Apparently, this mom was one of those people who people just wanted to talk to about their problems, joys or concerns. She was so openly sympathetic that just about everyone instantly confided in her. And she, in turn, cared so deeply about others, even complete strangers, and she would take all of their joys and problems to heart and mull over them for days.

That's when her friend suggested she put her list of cares into a box. And just like that, the God Box was born.

From then on, when someone shared a concern with this woman, she would say optimistcally, "I'll put in the God Box." The simple act of writing down the wish and relinquishing control to a higher power was her way to help others, and relieve her own mind.

I found this article very interesting in that these days I feel like I am trying to pray for others as I see them or think about them, but the prayer never really feels "finished, " for some reason. I am going to make my own God Box and actually write down on a scrap of paper when I think of someone I want to pray for or a specific prayer for someone. Then, I can go back through the box at a later date and think back on the prayers and check back on anyone I may have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

God is so good and is constantly challenging me to find ways to get closer to him. I think the God Box will be another way for me to do just that.

Lee Anne


Allison L.C. Jack said...

I LOVE this! I am SO that person that mulls and worries about the troubles of other people that have confided in me. I care so much it's like their troubles become my own. I'm making a GOD box too :)

Whitney said...

This is a great idea! I must steal it!

Kendy said...

I love this idea!