Monday, November 1, 2010

To Infiniti and Beyond!

What a fun and blessed week we had at our house this week. Halloween is such a fun time and we took full advantage this week to wear ourselves out. :) Jackson and I went on a date to the first Thunder game Wednesday night and had a ball. Jackson knows all of the players and calls them by name when they shoot or steal the ball. He also likes to yell out, "Mom! It's my song!" when different songs come on during the game. The funniest one was when it was "Sir Mix Alot, I Like Big Butts." Nothing like a 3 year old yelling at the top of his lungs when that song comes on , "Hey mom! It's my song!"

On Thursday, Jackson got to wear his Halloween costume to school (He was Buzz Lightyear) and he was so pumped! He came home telling me all about the boys costumes in his class. He knew what each of his buddies costumes were but when I asked him what the girls were he replied, "Hmm, I don't know Mom. They are girls!"

That night we went to Cal Furnish's birthday party and Jackson (and mom and dad!) had a ball. Jackson ran straight into their glass door as we were walking in which resulted in numerous bloody noses for the rest of the evening. Have no fear because he just wiped it on his Buzz costume. When we went home I decided to wash his costume and as I was reading the wash instructions, this is what it said, "Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Hand wash only. Do not machine dry. Do not line dry." WHAT????

Saturday we headed over to the Heskett's for CJ Heskett's first birthday party. It was a costume party that everyone was required to dress up for. This is actually the first time Renzi and I had ever dressed up together and I think we make a pretty cute Jessie and Woody. Thanks for being such a good sport honey. Even when I made you wear the Woody bodysuit you never complained. Ha!!!!

All in all, so much fun was had by all of us and we can't wait for next year's Halloween. :)

Sincerley in a Sugar Coma,
Lee Anne


Lori B. said...

cutest family ever! love the halloween costumes!

Whitney said...

Such great pictures!! Love that you all dressed up!

Brooke said...

Kelly Coutrone is on Dr. Phil...thought of you!