Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Six Months

How has it been six months already? In some ways, I feel like it was just yesterday and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago.

So much has changed in our lives, but one thing remains constant. God is good. All the time. And his understanding, no one can fathom.

While dilly dallying around on the computer last night I came across this.

The Old Testament prophetic book of Isaiah, with its 66 chapters, is a microcosm of the whole Bible with its 66 books. There is a definite, direct, one-to-one correspondence between each chapter of Isaiah and each book of the Bible. This is an amazing, if indirect, proof, of the sovereignty of God and the superintendence of His Spirit over the whole of Scripture.

Renzi and I struggled with finding a name for Isaiah. We couldn't agree on anything and nothing sound "right." When taking on the task of "Reading the Bible in 90 Days," we came upon the book of Isaiah and felt this overwhelming urge that THIS was the name of our son. How amazing that the verses that have helped us through this difficult time have been from the book of ISAIAH!

How amazing that I found this website last night on the eve of the six month anniversary since Isaiah passed away.

I think God knew I may have a little bit of trouble today so that is why he put this website in my path last night. I have read through it many times today and am reminded again that our God has sovereign plans for each of us. It is so hard, but I believe Isaiah's death has to be a blessing for the quality of his life had become unbearable for him. My firm belief is that he is now at peace and we can rejoice in the fact that there is a Heaven and he is now in it.

If you have a moment, I encourage you to go to this website and then read the book of Isaiah. My hope is that you find it as inspiring as I do.

At each of our meals we say a short little prayer and at the end Jackson always chimes in with, "And God Bless Zayah." So, today, I say Thank you Lord for blessing me with both of my babies and in the words of my Jackson, "God Bless Zayah!!!"

We miss you every day.
Lee Anne

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Kristin Davidson said...

What an inspiration! My cousin suggested I read your blog, she was right. Your faith and story are an inspiration to me. I admire your determination and strength! Your family is in our prayers. I have recently started a blog myself that I'm going to dedicate to helping others, I hope you will check it out and follow.
God bless your!