Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We leave tomorrow for a Mommy-Daddy trip to Vegas with these guys (see above). The bottom pic is of Casi and I the last time we went to Vegas. The pic above that is of Renzi and I the last time we were in Vegas (same trip). Ironically, these are the only two pics we took the ENTIRE time we were there. The top pic is of JW and Renzi on their 30th birthday. Can you believe that is the ONLY pic of them I could find on my computer??? Oh and my hair is sooo short in these pics...I am currently on a mission to see just how long I can get my hair. It's pretty long right now and I am loving it. I am NOT loving the grey hairs I have found since my hair is longer, but don't worry, I have taken care of that with some highlights (shout out to Kristin Pfenninger!). OMG. This post has now become a ramble. I think I need a vacation STAT.

I told Renzi I had three goals for this trip. (1) Eat good food. (2) Drink good wine. (3) Have fun. I think we can safely say we WILL accomplish these goals before Sunday when we return home.

I will miss my baby love TERRIBLY while we are gone, but know how important it is that Renzi and I spend time together sans kiddos. Very refreshing and great for your marriage.

So....until we return from LV....


Katie Nash said...

Have a great time and enjoy all that good wine, good food and great friends! Can't wait to see the pics!

Allison L.C. Jack said...

I have tons of pics of you and Casi from our last trip I should send you... I can't believe how long ago that was! YAY! Have Sooooo much fun!

JeriKay said...

Have so much fun!!!! Sam and I've got to do some mommy daddy vacations:)