Friday, April 30, 2010

Grace Moments

We had some amazing grace moments on our way home from Houston. They were teeny tiny, but I wanted to share them because it was so evident that God was with us and "giving us a break."

We were discharged from the hospital at 10:00 a.m. yesterday. Renzi worked frantically to get us on the 12:00 Southwest flight home and did it. We rushed back to the hotel to pack up our things. I was in desperate need of a toothbrush and a shower. Renzi said I had 17 minutes to do these things. I did it! (grace moment number 1. hahahahahha). We rushed to get in the cab and were on our way to Houston Hobby Airport. We pulled into the airport at 11:02 a.m. There was no line for the sky cap but we didn't have any cash to tip the skycaps, so Renzi told me to take the stroller and Isaiah inside to get in line while he paid the cabby. I got inside and got in the longest line I have ever seen waiting to get our boarding passes. Renzi comes inside and gets in line with us. Out of nowhere a man from Southwest picks me out of the crowd (by now we are smack dab in the middle of all of the people) and says to me, "Miss, follow me, I am about to open up another line." We followed him and we were first in his line and got our boarding passes in record time. (grace moment number 2)

We then proceeded to the security line...which was even longer than the Southwest Check in line! I was a little behind Renzi and I was following him when all of a sudden this woman is yelling, "Miss? Miss? Hey you with the stroller and the adorable baby boy! Come get in this line!" I follow her and we are led to the Employee Screening line where there is NO ONE IN LINE. We go through security in record time. (grace moment number 3)

Remember when I said we got to the airport at 11:02 a.m? Now, the time is 11:12 a.m. That, my peeps, is a blessing!!! :)

But, it gets better....

We get on the plane, the plane is not full so we have the whole row! (grace moment number 4) The plane takes off and Isaiah immediatley falls asleep in the middle seat. (grace moment number 5) Renzi and I hear the sounds of other babies on the flight crying and can't believe our baby is NOT one of them. Ren then reaches into his bag to get a pen and finds two drink tickets!!! We toasted to our good fortune and to Isaiah. (grace moment number 6)

We land. Jokingly, I mention that if our bags are the first off the plane it would really top this off. Our bags were first off the plane and on the conveyer belt. (grace moment number 7!)

We get home and we get to see Jackson!!! He looked like he had grown so much and we missed him so!!! We had a fabulous evening of cooking dinner and loving on our boys and watching them play together. Clearly, they had missed eachother dearly and that warmed my heart like no other. (grace moment number 8)

Know what else warms my heart? The fact that it is now 8:33 a.m. and Isaiah has been asleep for 12.5 hours. And didn't wake up ONCE last night. We all slept amazingly and it was much needed after our week. (grace moment numbers 9, 10, 11, infinity)

I write all of this to say....even when you are down about something that didn't go your way, look for the little grace moments that God puts in your path to show you that you WILL get through the dark moments...and that he is always there for you.

Much love,
Lee Anne

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