Sunday, May 2, 2010

What we've been up to this weekend....

Wow. Greatest weekend to date. Not even kidding.

Friday we cooked dinner, played outside, watched the Thunder game and everyone slept for 10 hours or more.

Saturday we had pancake breakfast made by Renzi and then we set out to go shopping for furniture for our house and the lake house! We made some super fun purchases...I am posting some pics of our new couch, coffee tabe/ottoman and our new chair. The couches that used to be in our living room are now going to the lake. We also went to a fabulous antique store called, "The Rink" in Bethany. Have any of you been there? It's incredible. It is where the old ice skating rink used to be off of Rockwell. I know you at least went to a birthday party once in your life there if you are from OKC! We purchased this amazing buffet and a 1950's diner style kitchen table for the lake. It's awesome. I will post pics of those sometime soon. Then, we came home after a long day of shopping (the boys did GREAT!), had taco night and the boys went to bed and Renzi and I...wait for MOVIE! Duh duh dun.....We haven't done that in forever. We watched "Up in the Air." Okay movie, but I think we could have watched anything and would have had fun just because we were watching a movie. Oh and to top the day off....I couldn't find my phone for the longest time Saturday afternoon. Then, I found it. In the toilet. Thanks Isaiah!

We had another great night of sleep by everyone Saturday night and we got up Sunday and went to church. What a wonderful message from Bob Long today! He talked about how when things in life are hard....that sometimes you have to serve others through your grief to help you find your grace moments. We came home from church and played outside, went to the Edmond Arts Festival and Renzi cooked a fabulous briskit dinner. Then the boys had a dance party (yes, that's what we do here at the Stone house. We dance and sing. :) Don't judge on the song Jackson is singing too. He saw Jason Derulo on American Idol a couple of weeks back and is obsessed with this song), and Jackson talked Isaiah into pushing him on his bike. I have two videos of these exact things that I have uploaded onto this post. I swear, my boys are the funniest kids ever.

Thank you Lord for a much needed relaxing fun filled weekend!
Here's to a good week to all!
Lee Anne

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Allison L.C. Jack said...

I can't wait to see you guys in just a few days!!! xoxo