Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on my mom and Isaiah

My mom made it through her triple bypass yesterday and was such a fighter!!! As soon as she was moved to ICU she wanted that ventilator OUT. She did so well that they took it out around 4 p.m. yesterday and she immediatley started cracking jokes with the nurses. She didn't have the best night last night because of some pain and discomfort, but this morning she finally got her pain under control and has been moved to a regular room. She is even sitting up in a recliner, eating lunch and griping at me about what I am wearing and asking me why I don't have lipstick on. (Looks like we are back to normal :)

Hoping that her progress continues and that she will continue to heal well and fast so she can go home. My stepsister Sarah started a Care Calendar for her. It is such a neat idea!!! Here is the link: http://www.carecalendar.org/logon/39797 The security code is: 39797 and the passcode is: 6226

Thanks again for the prayers for my sweet mommy!

*In other news....Isaiah started having a runny nose this weekend and was tugging on his ears. I took him yesterday afternoon to a new ENT that we saw the week prior who specializes in the sinus cavity. He confirmed that Isaiah has an ear infection in the left ear and the left tube has fallen out and is not working. He did a "snot" test on Isaiah's snot (GROSS!) and he has suggested that we schedule a surgery for him to have his adnoids out, as well as replace the left ear tube and take the right ear tube out and put a new one in. It is a quick 20 minute surgery and he will have be under anethesia. We have scheduled this for Wednesay, May 26th. The doctor said that given Isaiah's history of ear infections and seizures that this is the best idea to keep him healthy. My poor baby!!!! This is the least of our worries and it's nice knowing that we can actually do something to fix our baby. :) Recovery time is literally one or two days and he will be back to his normal busy self!

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