Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Plans are Set for TX Children's!

We have FINALLY gotten everything set up for our trip back to Texas Childrens Hospital for the week of April 26th for Isaiah's Surgical Evaluation. MAJOR PROPS to Renzi for getting all of this set up and times coordinated, plane tickets purchased and general taking care of things for us. :)

We are flying to Houston, Monday, April 26th at 7 a.m. and Isaiah will have his 3T MRI at Herman Memorial Hosptial in Houston at 11 a.m. Immediatley following getting him out of the recovery room we will then check into the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit again at Texas Children's Hospital for the week. Our doctor will again be Dr. Angus Willfong and I spoke with his office yesterday and they are devising a plan for us to start weaning Isaiah off of his meds before we get to Houston. This will help prompt a seizure from him sooner in the week while he is hooked up to everything in the EMU.

We are ready to get this whole process moving and are ready for whatever the surgeons have to say about Isaiah's case. Of course, we will be blogging daily while we are in Houston...what else will we be doing while we are all confined to a room and our very mobile 10 month old is hooked up to electrodes on his head and can't really get around like he wants to??? It's going to be LOVELY. :) ha ha! Seriously, though, we are grateful for the opportunity to see if Isaiah is a good candidate for brain surgery and are completley confident in the doctors and the Lord!

In other news.....

Isaiah is officially waving hello and goodbye and he says "Hi," "Momma," "Dada," and he LOVES to dance. What's funny is that there are 2 songs that he immediatley starts dancing to..."Single Ladies," and "I Gotta Feelin." So funny! He is also cruising and trying to stand up without holding on to anything....lots of bumps and bruises, but man he is so strong! He also has decided that he does NOT want to eat baby food and wants to eat everything that Jackson eats. So, the other night he had 3 pieces of pizza. Not even kidding.

Jackson is an American Idol fanatic! He has a cheoreographed dance to the opening song on American Idol and knows all of the judges and knows that the host is Ryan Seacrest. His favorite contestant is "Asey Ames," and he keeps asking me where Alex went....We found out recently that Jackson got into Westminister Montessori School for the 3 day program next year and we are so excited for him to go. He is counting to 10 all on his own and he is singing songs all of the time. Of course, I am a momma and am biased, but that kid is so flipping smart. Must take after his mom. :)

Renzi just opened an office in Tulsa and has been traveling to Tulsa 2-3 times a week. The office is in the Brady District of Tulsa and it is really cool. I am so proud of him for opening his official 3rd Saxum Public Relations office! He has also been swimming two mornings a week with a swim coach and is preparing to participate in a Masters swim meet sometime in the near future. For those of you who don't know, Renzi still holds some of the records in Oklahoma in swimming from when he was a kid. He is an amazing swimmer.

I ran my first 10K last Sunday! I have been running since November since I ran the 5K turkey trot with Ginny and Dave, and somehow got the running bug. I finished the 10K in 1 hour 9 minutes officially! And it was HOT outside. No wind. When in Oklahoma is there ever no wind? Well, last Sunday was the day for no breeze of any kind.
I am running with some fun girlfriends in the OKC Memorial Marathon Relay April 25, so I will be running another 10K then. I am excited!

We love all of you and thank you for your continued prayers for our family. We are truely blessed by each one of you who reads this blog.
Lee Anne

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Amanda Van Every said...

Awesome story about Isaiah! He seems like such a happy little boy! I hope all goes well at Texas Children's Hospital for the little man!