Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 15


After our late night the night before we woke up craving a diner breakfast. So we hit up EJ's Luncheonette by our apartment first thing. Then, we hopped on the subway to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge!


This bridge is massive-built in the 1800's and so many people cross over it each day.

Walker started out like this: (please not the happy face below. Ha!)

Graduated to this: (this is me telling him to get it together, per usual!)

And then this is how I walked almost the entire bridge with him:


Steps should count double when you carry someone on your back

While we got our bearings and figured out where to go the kids snapped a few pics.



We walked for a while and stepped in and out of some really cute shops. We bought a few shirts and then we went to the "Smorgasborg," this huge area near the water where they had tents set up with different food...and oh my goodness the food!!!!!! 
After we ate a bite we shopped some more. This is how the kids felt about that.


They perked up a bit when we found this bench:


The sun was really beating down on us so we decided to get on the subway and head into Soho to do some more shopping. Renzi wanted to go to this denim store called 3X1 where you can custom make your own jeans. Being 6'8 you can imagine it's hard to find the perfect pair of jeans!



Such a cool place!

After that we walked the short walk over to Chinatown and found a Chinese place to eat for dinner. It was just ok, but it did the trick! 
After dinner we basically crawled home, showered up, watched the Olympics and went to bed early!!!

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