Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 10

Monday! While Renzi was in meetings this morning the kids and I decided we would go to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. We walked out our front door to this:


This is the second tv show that has been filmed on our street since we have been here! The show last week they filmed was "Billions" on Showtime and today it was "Elementary." It's amazing how much equipment they bring to film a few scenes.

The Children's Museum of Manhattan was awesome! Totally interactive and the boys had a ball.




On the fourth floor they had an entire exhibit on how the body works. They showed how your heart and lungs work, how your brain works and how your stomach works. They had this sign up that I thought was hilarious. (I'm totally immature and I realize this.)

After three hours at the museum we were starving so we walked a couple of blocks over to "Jacob's Pickle" to meet Renzi for a late lunch. 


This place.



We totally over ordered. We ordered four different kinds of pickles, fried pickles, croque Madame, southern BLT, sausage gravy fried chicken and the buffalo chicken mac and cheese. Holy moly. So glorious.
The buffalo Mac and cheese was actually voted the number one dish in NYC this year. Like, the entire city. It did not disappoint and I will dream about it for some time.

We literally rolled out of the joint and hopped on the subway downtown to the Freedoms Tower. We had passes to go all of the way to the top.

Bad selfie but wanted to show how tall the building is!



The views were spectacular and they did such a great job with the observatory tower. I think the best part though was the elevator ride up! It takes you through NYC in 1600 and you see the NYC skyline through time as you zip to the top of the tower. Very powerful.

After we walked the observatory tower we went back down and walked over to the 9/11 memorial. I have been here a few times but this was Walker's first time to go. I wanted to share with him why the memorial was there, but also shield him from some of the details because the sweet kiddo is still just four years old. So, I kept it simple and explained that there were some bad people who flew planes into the two towers and the buildings fell to the ground-a lot of people were killed and so this memorial is to remember those who died. Boy, oh boy, did he take it so well. He also asked me numerous follow up questions that I thought were very mature for his age.
He asked me the why's (of course), but he was very curious to know where Renzi and I were when this happened. He asked if we knew anyone who was killed...and he asked if some day when he gets to heaven if he will get to meet some of the people who were killed. I told him I really hoped he would get to meet some of them, to which he replied, "oh good, then I can tell them how beautiful the memorial is." Sweet sweet boy.


Was a great day for us all.

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