Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is in full swing

Summer time is officially here at the Stone house!

We have been getting Icees and Snow Cones a lot. This was Walker's first Icee experience. I think he loved it. I said this on Instagram, but I literally had an Icee almost daily while preggers with Walker. No wonder he likes it! Ha!

We went to the Splash Pad at the Myriad Gardens with Addie and her kiddos Sidney Kate and Beckett. Walker LOVES the water and is always the first to jump in, usually with all of this clothes on.

Sweet Beckett and Walker walking together to the splash pad. I love that these two love eachother and love that they will be friends forever, just like their mommas!

And then these two...their marriage has already been arranged by Addie and I....are so stinking cute I can't stand it.

Last Thursday Jackson went to OU basketball camp. Here he is with Coach Lon Kruger. So sweet!

We went to the lake this past weekend...and these next pictures are how timeouts with Walker are not going so well.

I mean, seriously, how do you keep a 15 month old in time out when they laugh and look at you like this???

And then he leaves time out.....

And you bring him back and he stands up all proud of himself.

Here is my little love completely passed OUT on the boat. He loves the boat, swimming in the lake, swimming in the pool, playing outside....all of it! And after buying three different life jackets this puddle jumper seems to work the best.

Having a little mexican food on our way home from the lake....Jackson busted out with his tortilla face. Renzi was trying to get onto him and tell him not to play with his food and that it was not appropriate dinner behavior. Jackson responded with, "I learned how to do this from mom. She does it all of the time."

Busted. :)

Walker has started either raising his hand or shaking his head no when I ask him a question. This was in response to my question of, "Who is hungry?"

This sweet face melts me. Love everything about this picture. Love his bed head. Love his smile. Love love love him.

Jackson has been at another basketball camp this week...OC Cage Camp. This was when he was leaving this morning with Renzi. Walker clearly did not want him to go. Either that or he wanted some more food.

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