Monday, June 17, 2013

It's been awhile.

Oops. Pretty sure I deserve the worst blogger award.

So much has gone on in the last is a recap.

SOMEONE lost his first tooth!!!!
I seriously can't stand it. He looks like a teenager. Well, a toothless teenager, but still. His tooth had been loose for like 2 months and finally last Tuesday it fell out!

Jackson informed us that the going rate for the tooth fairy these days is $20.

Wiggity What?????

Needless to say, he got $1 and was totally pumped about it. The tooth right next to the one that fell out is loose too! EEK!

Let me back up a bit and quickly recap in a few pictures our China trip. I should do a full post on it, but honestly, it would take me days to write it and I just can't do it!

So...Renzi, Jackson and I went to China in May....We were gone 10 days and it was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Seriously, you guys...China is something else. We went to Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian and Beijing. Renzi had meetings in Shanghai and then we traveled with another couple friend of ours who were also at the same meeting to the other spots.

We got to see the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian. So cool.

And we got to see real live pandas! And let me just tell you....pandas are seriously as adorable in person as they are in the cartoons. I kind of wanted to take this one home. Sadly, Renzi said no.

Sweet Walker stayed home with our awesome babysitter Kayla...he's just too young to fly for 14 hours, but soon he will join us on our adventures around the world!

People always ask me why I travel with my kids so much when they are young and may not remember much of it...and I feel like this quote sums it up perfectly, "Don't travel for your young kids to remember things, travel because you want to enjoy their company and experience new things with them in tow."

I love experiencing new things with my babies and I love teaching them history by experience!

After we returned from China, Jackson had 4 days of school left for the year.

Here he is with Mrs. Laws, the best teacher in all of the land. Jackson had her for 3 Day and then for his second year of 5 Day. What a blessing she is and I am so sad she can't go on and be his teacher in kindergarten too!

A couple of weekends ago, Jackson's soccer team competed in a 3 on 3 soccer tournament. Here is OC United are before their first game.

It was a great day to be outside and Walker had a BALL running around and kicking the soccer ball. He ran around so much he took a 3.5 hour nap that afternoon. SCORE ONE FOR MOMMA!

OC United ended up getting 2nd place in the tournament so they move on to Regionals in late July...If they are in the top 3 teams after that they get to go to Orlando and compete in the championships! Sounds silly for 5 and 6 year olds, but man they had a blast playing together and it was actually fun to watch. (side note: soccer is NOT my favorite sport, but 3 on 3 is actually much better and more exciting!)

This past week I took my annual Youth Leadership Oklahoma trip across the state for my job. We had a WONDERFUL time and this was one of my most favorite groups ever. Hard to believe I have worked here for 6 years already!

Here is the group outside at the Hardesty Arts Center in Tulsa.

I totally caught my intern asleep at the Dust Bowl, a bowling alley we went to. Who can sleep at a bowling alley you ask? Well, when you are on a bus for a week with 52 high school Juniors you can find a way to sleep anywhere I guess! :)

The last night we had an 80's dance and boy did these kiddos dress up. SO so funny. Hard to believe that these kiddos were born in 97 and 98...I may have to change the dance to a 90's dance in a few years. EEEEEKKKK!!!

Bryce, the intern and I.....he let me borrow this idea really why he has two hats that say Pi Phi and Kappa, but represent I will! GKODB. If you are a Kappa and remember that term, shout it loud and proud! :)

Sillies, getting even more silly in the hallway of the hotel! Yes, that's a fanny pack Kyle is wearing.

The lovely gentleman of YLOK Class XIII at the Governors Mansion at Graduation. Seriously sweet guys...the girls never opened a door or carried their luggage or anything for that matter the entire week. Gentleman for sure!

The chaperone's, Bryce Rowland, Katie Kimberling and read about our adventures visit:

I also was super excited to award the 4th Isaiah Lee Stone Scholarship to Gabe Thompson from Edmond. He was voted on by his peers and is a perfect person to win this scholarship. So happy to be able to do this every year and honor a hard working YLOK grad, but also as a way to honor my sweet Isaiah as well.

I, of course missed my baby boys and my hubby while I was gone, but they were in good hands with their precious daddy!

Isaiah's birthday was June 15th (last Saturday), so we made a family trip to Orange leaf for ice cream and we sang Happy Birthday to Isaiah. Walker, of course, wanted no part of the picture so Renzi had to hold him upside down. Pretty much sums up our family right here in this pic. Love them.

Father's Day was yesterday and we went to the Splash Pad at the Myriad Gardens and let the boys run wild. And boy did they....

Jackson ran over to this G and said, "Don't worry about me mom, I'm just hanging out in the G."

My little water baby! He loves to swim and play in the water. After we left downtown we went back to our house and swam for a couple of hours, which resulted in another 3.5 hour nap for Walker. SCORE AGAIN FOR MOM!

After he woke up he was a bit cranky so I let Walker help me make some brownies. He so graciously licked the bowl. And was a complete and utter mess. He then ate dinner, took a bath and literally crashed at 6:30 p.m. and did not wake up again until 6:45 a.m. this morning. We are totally going swimming every day this summer, that's for dang sure! :)

All in all, we are all doing well. I am going to try to be a better blogger so that I can document these precious days with our family!
As I think back over the last month and a half I can't help but think about how thankful I am.

Thankful for a loving husband who is the best father to my babies in all of the land and thankful for my dad for being such a wonderful father to me as well.

Thankful to have been there with my Papaw in his last few days on this Earth.

Thankful to have an inspiring and wonderful job that I love.

Thankful for each YLOK student that I come in contact with. So much hope for our future and it's in these amazing kids!

Thankful for time to reflect on Isaiah. Hard be believe he would be four years old, but know he is happy in his eternal home in Heaven.

Thankful for my kids...their craziness and their lovableness.

And thankful for my God! I am honored to be a child of God and to try to live out my life in the best way I possibly can.

Until next time my friends!
Lee Anne

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