Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little get away

My sweet hubby and I are currently on a quick weekend get away to Blackberry Farms in Tennessee.


This place.

I can't get enough.

It was recently named by Bon Apeit magazine as the number on resort for food lovers and by Conde Nast Traveler as the number two resort in the country for food and wine.

And let me tell you something.

It's no joke.

We have been hiking and sleeping and eating and sleeping and drinking great wine.

And today we went paddle boarding. Seriously one of the most fun things ever.

This place is so gorgeous. It's nestled in the Smoky Mountains and the views are just breathtaking.

And the wine...look at this 200 page wine list!

I love spending good quality time with this man of mine. Recharges my spirit and I am reminded again and again how much I love this sweet husband of mine. I love spending hours talking and hours sitting quietly reading and just sitting next to him.

I am also so happy that my cousin Christie and her hubby Yomi have been able to join us this weekend. It's their first weekend away from their kids ever. We are having the best time together.

Christie and I are two days apart and we are literally the same person. Except she is a doctor and I am not. We laugh at the same things and we get so excited about each meal. I love this lovely girl with all of my heart and always have.

Christie is preggers with her third baby so Yomi, Renzi and I shared this wine. So amazeballs.

This morning this is where I found my shoe. Guess that wine was better than I thought. Ha!

And here I sit on our porch reading. Love time with my love.

We go home tomorrow and I can't wait to see my babies!

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