Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walker Stone is 6 months old!

I love 6 months. Such a milestone. Such a feeling of "hey, we've got this!" Cute smiles and laughs, oh and let's not forget about the sleep. Oh sweet sleep. At 6 months old, everyone is certainly getting more sleep than you were, say, 5 months ago!

Walker is 19 lbs. 8 oz and 28.5 inches long. That's, 80th percentile and 95th percentile respectively. Long and lean my little munchkin is!

I broke out my trusty grocery and high chair cover today and what a difference it made today while shopping! My man loved it and was so content.

See, he's so relaxed he is kicked back and chilling in the high chair at Whole Foods.

To my Walker Bear...we love you so!!!

Oh...and guess who is spending their last night as a four year old???

Yup...this guy. So hard to believe he is going to be 5 tomorrow. So hard to even comprehend!!!!!

Love these boys to the moon and back.

-Lee Anne

Location:6 months old!

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