Monday, August 6, 2012

"Jabba Talk"

In the last year Jackson has discovered Star Wars. He loves it.

And apparently...Walker does too.

Here is a video of Walker doing "Jabba Talk" to his little brother.


A couple of things to note about the video.

1. Yes, I realize Jackson has a mullet. He has since had a haircut.

2. Why, yes, that is Jackson saying his favorite phrase, "This. Is. Awkward."

3. Freaking Annabelle the dog makes an appearance in the background with her bark. After I took this video I discovered that she had somehow gotten into the Diaper Genie and gone to town on some diapers. Disgusting. Dog for Sale. Seriously. She drives me nuts.

4. I think my kids are flipping precious.

5. That is all.


Tesha said...

Love the sweet video of your boys :)

Dustin said...

I was going to say Jackson will be so use to being recorded by the time he is 7 that he will be ready to be in the movies, but then again "this is awkward" :). Why can't the dog be cute anymore?