Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things are growing here!

Thought I would share some pics of two things that are growing here at our house...

The garden...and baby Walker!

The garden, I am happy to report is doing so well! So far so good! Jackson painted the beds all by himself. We have pumpkins, spinach, carrots, sqauah, zucchini, jalepenos, sweet peppers, cucumber and blueberries growing in this bed.

We started out with some plants and some seeds. The carrots and spinach were seeds and I am happy to report that they are sprouting! This is big news people considering I can barely keep a house plant alive.

In this bed there are tomatoes, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, basil and lavender. Please take note of the blue paint on our brown fence. The baby woke up from a nap and I went inside to get him and left Jackson outside with the paint. Bad idea. Oh well!

And speaking of the baby...guess who is 3 months old?

Here is Walker at one month...

And at two months...

And at three months! Sweet boy! At his GI appointment last week he was 15 lbs and 24.5 inches long. Growing, growing!

He is just so stinking cute, and that smile! Oh Lordy be. I am a puddle of mush every time he smiles.

I am loving, loving on this baby!

-Lee Anne

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Lori B. said...

oooh, I like your signs in your garden! Did you make those? I like your baby too!