Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Oh, how I am loving the summertime!!! I feel like I am a late bloomer on this summertime fun in Oklahoma since we were gone for most of the month of June. But, rest assured, we are taking FULL advantage here at the Stone house of Summer 2011!

First stop...The Science Museum of Oklahoma! We met up last Friday with our friends (and my friends too!), Austin and Tanner King, Sidney Kate Burke, Madeline and Conner Kirk, and Ella, Gage and Crue Woodard (and their respective mommies) and had a glorious time running around The Science Museum.

Cuties Jackson and Austin waiting patiently (ha!) for everyone to arrive at the Museum.

Ella, Madeline and Sidney Kate in the Wind Tunnel. Hilarious.

Sweet Jackson and Gage. Both are currently loving Justin Bieber. Gage is even growing his hair out like the Biebs. Jackson is having a Justin Bieber themed birthday party. These boys had plenty to talk about. :)

Jackson is currently really into basketball and baseball. It switches from week to week. This week is apparently baseball week. He asks me all day long if we can go outside and play baseball. I am always desperately searching for a way to get out of going outside to play baseball in this 100 degree + heat and I finally used my brain yesterday and figured out a plan. BATTING CAGES. I took Jackson the the West Side Batting Cages in OKC and they let me rent the cage for half an hour price for an hour. He hit off the tee 10 times, then insisted I throw BP for the rest of our time. My arm was sore. How sad is that???? But, oh, how much fun my little guy had.


I caught Jackson on my laptop the other day. He said he was "emailing daddy to tell him to bring home some ice cream."

We had Sidney Kate over to our house this afternoon while her mommy went to do some work. (9 months pregnant and she is still working. That Addie Burke is a rock star.) We went swimming and had a great time. This is a pic of Jackson and his little buddy having a serious talk about life and Toy Story.

Precious babies ready to swim!

I attempted to take these two to Target to pick up a few things after we went swimming. Addie called while I was walking in and I could hear her laughing at me when I told her where I was. I couldn't quite figure out why she was laughing. We hung up the phone and the chaos began. SK went one direction and Jackson went another. Clearly, I was not prepared for this. As I frantically threw some random things in my cart and tried to scoop up the children I realized why Addie was laughing. Oh, and also, why Addie never goes to Target unless she is by herself. Slow learner I must be......

Jackson and I ended our day today with an ice cream date at a really cute ice cream shop near our house and a game of Connect Four. Such fun!

I heart summer!!!!

-Lee Anne


Whitney said...

Nothing better than Ice Cream in the summer!!!

Kurt Cockran said...

It will forever be known to me as the Omniplex. Oh childhood memories...