Thursday, July 7, 2011

French Coif

While we were in France we realized after a few days that Jackson's hair was getting extremely shaggy. Like, so shaggy, that someone on the train ride to Paris asked me what my little girl's name was. *GASP!*

So, one day we walked by this random hair salon in Paris and decided to get Jackson's hair cut.

It was pretty comical because neither I, nor Renzi, nor Alli, nor AJ really knew how to tell the hair stylist what we wanted in a hair cut for Jackson. So, we used some weird hand gestures and off she went.

And what do you turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

Ever since we have been home, Jackson is now obsessed with combing his hair after he gets out of the shower at night. He puts water in a cup and dips a comb in the water and literally soaks himself trying to get his hair "Weely weely cooooollll."

I think it is absolutely precious. Although, now that I write about it, I think it might be a tactic he uses to stay up later and not go to bed.


Foiled again!

-Lee Anne

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Dustin said...

Looks like the movie from the plane rubbed off on him, he has been Bieberized :)