Monday, March 21, 2011

Taebo Jackson

Renzi was out of town again this week, so Jackson and I headed up to the lake house. In an effort to burn some energy while it rained, I pulled out my old Taebo DVD's. Jackson loved Billy Blanks. Here is a video of him and his taebo moves. As my friend Jackie says, you can hear me encouraging him during the video a la Billy Blanks. Oh...and you can also hear me yell at our dog Annabelle. Or as Jackson likes to call her, "Knock it off Annabelle." He told the Vet's office the other day that was our dog's name. "Knock it off Annabelle." Oh sheesh. I really gotta watch out what I say outloud! :)

Lee Anne

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Allison L.C. Jack said...

This just made me laugh out loud in my office and people are wondering whats wrong with me. You are a genius!