Friday, September 10, 2010

The things we do for friends....

I have always considered it a plus to know Amanda Morgan Clark. Not only is she one of my bestest friends since college...but...a few years ago she opened up a Boutique in Norman on Campus Corner called, "Blush." Now, I have a place to buy all of my clothes at great prices AND get to hang out with Amanda while I shop. BONUS!

Both of my boys have literally grown up at Blush. When Jackson was only 2 weeks old, Blush was one of his and my first ventures out into the "World." I put him on a blanket and he was just as happy as could be while his mommy shopped.

Isaiah also got to experience Blush at a young age. He wasn't as quiet as Jackson was at that age, but at the time Amanda had just given birth to Chloe so Isaiah and Chloe would hang out at Blush together while Jackson ran around the store like a wild man.

Amanda is a great friend. Always has been. Always will be. So, when she called me Wednesday and asked me for a favor I was quick to say, SURE! ANYTHING!

Little did I know what she was going to be asking of me.....

Here is a link to what she had me do......

We had a great time and I didn't fall on my face! :)

After the show was over Amanda, Angela and I headed over to Bin 73 for a little girls happy hour and catch up time. So good for the heart to be with good girl friends!

The moral of this story is...head on over to Blush in Norman TODAY for amazingly cute things. You can also visit her website at

Happy Shopping!
Lee Anne


Whitney said...

Blush is my favorite! I live in NYC and I always make a stop there on my Oklahoma trips to get a good buy!! Super cute and LOVE getting my Sooners gear from Amanda!

KRGP said...

Go super model! I love seeing you do this!