Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Times!

This past week was a great one! Renzi and I took a fun trip to Palm Springs with OU last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Renzi was a "celebrity" at the Sooners in the Desert Golf Tourney so he "played" golf (those of you who know him know he doesn't play golf, he just rides around in the cart), and I slept in, went to the spa, laid by the pool, took a nap and ate yummy food. :) We came back Tuesday afternoon and Isaiah apparently decided he had given us enough grief and has been sleeping beautifully since we returned home!

Thoughts on why he is sleeping better:
(1) We are finally up to the correct dosage on Zonasamide, the antiseizure medicine that is for localized epilepsy.
(2) We saw our neurologist when we returned from our trip and we have begun the process of weaning him off of the Clonazapam.
(3) I bought Johnson and Johnson's Bedtime Bathwash. (Who knows? It may or may not be working. All I know is he has been sleeping better since we started bathing him in the lavender!)
(4) God has decided to give us a much needed break! :)

In other news, Isaiah is all over the place! He is crawling EVERYWHERE!!! It's so cool to watch and it is one other develepmental milestone that he has reached with is so wonderful because it means that the epilepsy is not causing any developmental problems! Praise the Good Lord!

This past weekend we went to the OU alumni basketball game against Baylor. We took the boys and Jackson went out on the court when they announced Renzi's name. I posted some pics of the day. Isaiah was so funny. He slept so hard during the game! I guess when I shush Renzi at night I should know by now...when that kid is asleep, he is ASLEEP!!! After the game we headed to Wichita Falls for Renzi's cousin Suzanne's surprise 40th birthday party. We had a ball! There was a band and Jackson danced all night and loved playing with his cousin Riley! I also posted some pics of Jackson dancing with Suzanne. SO Cute!

We are heading on a special trip next week to Florida with the boys! Our first family vacation as a family of 4! My mom is also joining us and so are Ginny and Dave! We are spending a couple of days in Vero beach and then we are heading to spend a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale. I am so excited to show the boys the beach!!! It's going to be fabulous!

I will for sure post pictures from our trip. In the meantime, thanks so much for your continued prayers. We appreciate them more than you know!
Much Love,
Lee Anne

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