Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from Destin!

After last week's craziness, Renzi and I were happy that Isaiah started feeling better towards the middle of the week...We got him his antibiotic for his upper respiratory infection and got him regulated on his higher doses of his seizure meds and he started to perk up about Wednesday. We made a game time decision on Thursday and decided that we were ok to go to Renzi's dad's wedding in Destin on Friday! Tricia, our regular sitter stayed at home with Isaiah and Jackson went to Wichita Falls, TX to stay with his cousins Riley, Suzanne and Andrew.

We are so happy that we were able to attend! We had such a wonderful time hanging out with family. We stayed in a condo with Grant, Brooke, Ginny, Dave, Chelsea and Brett(Marcine's daughter and her husband), and Kevin (Marcine's son). It was so nice getting to spend time getting to know Marcine's family and letting loose and relaxing.

The wedding was held on the beach at sunset and it was truely fabulous. I am posting some pics above that I totally stole off of Brooke's blog. (Thanks Brookie!) :)

We returned late Sunday night to a good report from Tricia. Isaiah slept 12 hours both nights, only getting up once each night! We thought there was no way that would be a repeat performance, but lo and behold....Isaiah has slept 12 hours the past 2 nights for us!!!! We are hoping and praying this will become a trend.

Jackson had the best time hanging out with his cousins. I swear he came back more grown up! I sure did miss both of my boys, but it was sooo nice getting to hang out with Renzi alone and take a little break after last week's shinanigans. :)

We got an email last week from Dr. Willafong in Houston and we are awaiting the next steps to prepare for a surgical evaluation at Texas Childrens Hospital. I will let you all know when we know something.

The only bad thing about coming back to OKC, is that somehow I brought back with me an upper respiratory infection. I went to the doc this A.M. and am on antibiotics, but there is no sick days for mommies. :( Praying I heal fast...there is no time for sickness in the Stone house!

Much Love!


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