Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Fall Ya'll!

Happy Fall Ya'll! Loving this time of year so much.

We've been doing a lot of "hanging" outside.

Walker has been having the time of his life at Jackson's flag football and soccer games with sweet Camden Furnish. She is the sister of one of Jackson's buddies and she is a doll. AND she loves playing with Walker. Score one for us!

Fall also means flu shots. Poor babies were so upset (and so was their momma) that we just HAD to drown our tears in Icees and cookies.

I love snuggling. And I love that my boys love snuggling too. Sometimes I feel like I don't get one second of the day when someone is not touching me, hugging me, leaning on me, pushing me, etc. except then I look over and just think it is so precious that he just sort of "leans into" me. Love him so.

Oh. Moment over.

Snuggles on a different day. His smile is to die for.

Fall also means OU football! We all went to Norman yesterday and Jackson was clearly excited to be there. My work here is done.

My precious family!!!!! Ugh...I just can't get enough of them!!!

Walker had the best time tailgating at Blush. He and his new friend had fun eating chips and dirt off the ground. Gross.

We went to a "pheasant" fry tonight down the street from our house. They had this great swing that Walker and I hung out in. The evening weather was gorgeous, we had great food (no pheasant for me thank you very much), the kids were running around like wild banshees, and there was awesome people and wine. A great Sunday indeed!

And I will leave you with the kid from Parenthood again. Whose kid is this anyway?? :)

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