Monday, October 21, 2013


Fall break we loaded up and headed out to LA to see the Cali Stone's!!!!

This plane ride was not as brutal as the last one. Walker is talking more and is able to communicate better so there is less screaming. He even watched a little bit of a movie on the plane and had 127 suckers. He did not sleep a wink. Jackson on the other hand slept most of the flight.

We landed at LAX and the boys held hands as we started our adventure!!!

We stayed with Uncle Grant, Aunt Brooke, Jake and Asher at their gorgeous new home and the boys settled in for the time of their lives together. Here is Asher and Walker....just four days apart in age.

Loved getting to spend time with my sis in law!

Jake and Jackson were fast buddies. Here they are snuggled up on the couch watching a movie.

This was Walker's first time at the beach! Loved watching his reactions to everything around him.

Seemed like his favorite thing to do was chase birds and put sand in his hair.

Dad and Walker in the ocean!

Love my Jake!!!!

I totally busted Asher on the table with a sucker. Look at that face!!!!

Uncle Grant was the recipient of some face art.

The "adults" got a babysitter one night and we were so excited to be out on the town. Can you tell?

Sunday we headed to Disneyland. Best. Day. Ever.

Jackson's main thing he wanted to do was go to the Jedi Training Center and he was picked from the crowd to be a padawan!!!

He got to fight Darth Maul and I literally cried because I was so happy for him. I'm that mom.

It was a very neat experience because I actually saw one of my kid's "dreams" come true. I was so proud and can only imagine that this is the beginning of many emotional moments for me as my boys get older.

Walker passed out after the tea cup ride and Jedi experience. I think he has fallen asleep in a stroller only one other time in his life.

Here we go!!!!

Jake, AKA Woody and Jackson!

We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to be all together again!!!!

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