Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Friday we went to the closing ceremonies of Kankauk Kampout where they had K Life (praise and worship), group skits and awards. At the very end they awarded four boys with the "I'm Third" award, which is an award given to a few people each session who show respect and honor and who put God first, others second and themselves third. And my sweet Jackson was one of the recipients of this award!!!! So so proud of my little guy!

Here is Jackson with a few of his friends from his "tent."

After the closing ceremonies we headed to the lake where we had a wonderful family weekend!

We even got to hang out with our buddies the Furnish's on Saturday and Sunday. Here is Camden Furnish with Walker on the swings at "The Landing." Home slice already has some flirting game with the older ladies!

I always know it was a successful weekend when both boys fall asleep for most of the drive home!

Love the lake!

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