Friday, July 12, 2013

Kanakuk Kampout

Jackson has been going to Kanakuk Kampout this week in Edmond and is having a big time. I went to Kanakuk as a kid in Branson, Missouri so it is so special for me to be able to send Jacksom to the day camp version! I'm not quite ready (or will I ever be! Ha!) to send him to the actual overnight camp so this will do for now! :)

He is in "tent" number 4 and is with some really sweet buddies. They have been playing sports, swimming, jumping in the bouncy houses, sliding down the water slides, playing on the slip n slide but what I love most is they are spending time doing praise and worship each day and having devotional time as a group. My favorite part of the week was on Tuesday when Jackson came home and he was just so excited that he was able to use his own bible and look up the verse they were studying in the book of Luke. So precious.

Walker and I have been hanging out a lot this week! I am only working one day a week right now (it's my slower time at work), so he and I have been playing, swimming, going to the gym and as you can see in the pic below...reading Elmo books.

It's been a great week. I even had dinner with some sweet friends of mine from high school last night and it just made my heart happy to be with these girls laughing and talking and laughing. Looking forward to an even better weekend at the lake with my boys!

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