Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm a Psycho Mom.

I feel like I have been a slacker blogger.

Life is just so busy these days!

I will be back soon with some updates, but I just HAD to share this video.

It's from Jackson's first basketball game this past Saturday. After watching it I realized I am a psycho mom. Seriously. Psycho. Watch the last 15 seconds and you will see what I mean.

I'm going to try to NOT embarrass my poor 5 year old next game.


Lori B. said...

Not psycho at all! PROUD!
Way to go, Jackson!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't scream and yell for him, THEN you'd be a psycho mom. Or maybe if you're like me and yelled at the poor ref (okay, it was my regular seaking voice and I don't think she heard me)that if she didn't know how to ref she shouldn't be doing it....yeah, not my finest moment at a 5 year-old basketball game.


Kate said...

That is hilarious! He's good! I would have been screaming too!