Wednesday, September 12, 2012


With all great photo shoots in life....there is ALWAYS a blooper reel. When we were in Colorado Springs in August, Brooke set up the hotel photographer to come and take our family pictures. While looking through all of the shots last night I found these and they just made me laugh and laugh and laugh.


Seriously, Walker cried the ENTIRE time we were outside taking pictures. Like, the WHOLE time. It looks like we are all torturing the poor child. He was probably just flipping hungry. He's always hungry. (Kind of like his momma!)

I like this one because it looks like Walker is trying to pull Miller back in....and I LOVE how sweet Jake is just smiling away at the camera!

This one makes me laugh because Jackson is about to sneeze on top of Renzi's head. What happened next is that Jackson then smeared the snot into Renzi's hair. Hair gel I guess.....

I finally got my act together and made poor Walker a bottle....I was feeding him when it was our turn for pictures. Dave so graciously offered to finish feeding Walker and somehow in the handoff of the baby, my arm got stuck.

Here is Jackson and Jake yelling one of Jake's phrases, "We did it!"

The girls and their baby boys....I just thought this one was funny because of all of the different things going on in the picture.

The family who acts like doofus' together stays together. We've got that one down!!!

And last....Jake ran off so Brooke and I ran after him....notice we are both also holding babies. Where was everyone else??? :)

Such a fun trip...makes me miss my sweet family!


B. Young said...

So funny! I love the sneezing one. Oh, and your legs are rockin'! You are a hot mama!

Brooke Stone said...
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Brooke Stone said...

I was laughing so looking through this post! I haven't had much time to use the computer or blog with these boys of mine everywhere... so, it was so funny reading through yours right now! PS. We did handle that last part of the picture taking alone. Did you see the pic of just my shoes on the side of the road? ahahaha! love and miss you sister!


Adrienne said...

I LOVE the second pic. Looks like Jackson is doing some serious baby wrangling. :)