Thursday, July 26, 2012

These boys...

Last weekend, even though Walker and I were getting over ear infections, we headed to our lake house with our great friends Christy and Drew.They have two boys, Dex, who is 5 and Cal who is 3 and Christy is 34 weeks pregnant with their third boy. And let me just tell you...Christy does the pregnant thing SOOO well. Like, she looks so amazing and never complains and will ride bikes and hike and swim and hold her kids all at that same time. It's pretty awesome.

Jackson was in heaven having his two buddies to run around with. The boys all had a slumber party and slept downstairs in the living room on a pallet. Too cute.

Each morning, the boys would sit on the couch watching Star Wars, having milk and taking turns holding Walker.

The nap nanny continues to be a huge hit for everyone. Even if you are 3 years old.

Cal, Dex and Jackson scoping out the best spot to go fishing. These boys were maniacs in the fishing department. Everyone caught at least 3!

Sweet Jackson loves to feed Walker a bottle in the mornings. What a great helper!

Me and my "gangster" son after taking a swim in the pool. I really don't know where he gets it.

When we came home I pulled out our exersaucer and Walker Bear loves it! Yay!

Jackson came in last night and said he grew a beard during rest time. Hmmm....

This morning Jackson decided he wanted to have a lemonade stand. Precious boy. He is quite the salesman too. He was trying to sell a toy to our neighbor for $7. It was a plastic pig. Our neighbor said, "How about $1?" And Jackson said, "No, how about $7."

It was overcast today so I took the boys to the park and decided to see if Walker liked the swings. He LOVED it! Yay!

I hope each of you is having a great week!

-Lee Anne


Kate said...

Sweet pics of your sweet boys! Adorableness!

Adrienne said...

Love! I woulda paid $7 for Jackson's plastic pig. He's too adorable to say no to :)