Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is here!

The beginning of summer for us has been a whirlwind but so fun!

Renzi and I went to Dallas this past weekend for the day and went to the Coldplay concert with some friends. It was unflipping believable.

I took Jackson and his buddy Cal to Enid to Leonardo's and Adventure Quest last week. If you have never been, it's a must! Totally worth the drive from OKC.

Of course, these basketball fanatics found a Bball goal there and shot some hoops.

And they loved this ball racing deal.

But, to my surprise, the boys spent the most time in the carpenter shop. They hammered and sawed these boards together and concentrated so hard they didn't even talk for half an hour! When they were finished hammering they then painted their masterpieces and were so stinking proud of themselves. Too cute.

Jackson also finished up his first t-ball season. These precious friends are the best!

Boys will be boys!

My grandparents were in town last week for my Papaw's last chemo session. He has small cell lung cancer and has been such a trooper. He is so brave and strong and has had such an amazing attitude throughout all of this. They came over on Tuesday and had dinner with us. Walker and Papaw were having a deep conversation in this picture. Melt my heart!

Speaking of Walker Bear...he loves to stick out his tongue! I wish I could freeze time right now with Jackson and Walker. Such sweet moments and I find myself smiling and so happy all day.

I am also lookinh forward to our Mexico trip coming up! My bestie Jackie is getting married and we are all going to the wedding. Looking forward to hanging with my boys on the beach!

Hope it's a great week for everyone!
-Lee Anne

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Tesha said...

Awwww love the sweet pictures! WHoo HOOO for mexico :)