Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last week...

Last week while I was "hanging" (literally, ha) out with these amazing high school students...

My hubby, the brave soul, flew with both boys all by his lonesome to Annapolis, MD to visit family and go to a doctors appointment. It was Walker's first plane ride!
This is how the 2.5 hour plane ride went...

Seriously, so presh.

Pops and Cine were so excited to hang with Jackson, Miller and Walker.

And, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave got to meet Walker!

My sweet boys about to go swimming.

Not so sure about this swimming thing dad...

Sweet cousins! Just missing Jake and Asher...we will all be together in August in Colorado!

And this is from the plane ride home..oh, and yes, everyone is wearing the same outfits that they wore when they flew into Maryland. That's a dad's way of packing for ya! ;)

All in all, everyone had a great week!!! But we all missed eachother terribly! 6 days is too long to be away from my babies and my hubby!
-Lee Anne


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Doctors Apt? Hope nothing bad!!
Adorable pics. And brave Renzi! I think B's head would explode flying alone with J. Lol.

Tesha said...

Awwww love that last picture....PRICELESS :)