Monday, April 23, 2012

Picture Dump!

I realized I haven't posted a lot of pictures from my phone of some fun things going on in our lives the past few weeks so this post is going to be more of a picture dump, with captions, of course! :)

Jackson started T-Ball a few weeks ago! Here is my little cutie in his uniform. His first game was at 6 p.m. and he got dressed for the game at noon that day. Just wanted to be prepared in case his mom forgot! He has me figured out already.

Just love this little booty! Oh, and the cute name on the back. The boys got to pick their numbers out and of course Jax chose number 35...Kevin Durant's number! His buddies all chose numbers of other Thunder players as well, so now he refers to his teammates by their number and coresponding Thunder player. It's actually quite impressive.

Last weekend Jackson ran in his first official race! He ran in the Redbud 1 mile Kids Fun Run. I don't think he has ever run that far before at one time so I wasn't totally sure how he would do. He ran with a few of his buddies from school and they were so cute! Here he is racing towards the finish line. Look at that determination!

Here's my guy after he crossed the finish line, red faced and sweaty with his medal! SO proud!

And here are the cutie patooties who ran with him, Nathan, Jax and Calen. Precious, precious boys!

This is what Walker did during the race. I like to think that with his hand raised he was saying in his sleep, "Victory Big Brother, Victory!"

OH!!! Be still my heart. Look at this face! He has just recently started smiling at us...when he's not yelling at us. :) Love him.

This picture makes me laugh. As I was coming back from a walk last night I passed by our recycling bin outside of our house before trash day. It depicts kind of where we are at in our lives right now. Wine and baby detergent. *Disclaimer...we did have a get together last weekend at our house, so it's not like we acquired this many wine bottles by ourselves in one week. Or did we??? I kid, I kid....*

And lastly, I will leave you with this picture of my adorable boys all bathed and ready for bed. I love the smell of Johnson and Johnson's baby soap and I am happy to have a baby to bathe in it again...and I have even had Jackson using it again as well. Such a great smell! (Wow, that was a random thought. You are welcome for that.) :)

Hope everyone has a great week!

-Lee Anne

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Tesha said...

Your boys are so precious, I love the Walker's hair so cute!!! LOL Great pictures. If you can I would love for you to link up tomorrow for the bereaved mommies encouraging each other link-up. Great pics of your sweet boys!