Monday, March 5, 2012

Just some pictures...

Just a few pictures of our first few days at home...and an update!

Jackson and his "little bro" outside yesterday for some has been so beautiful here and it was nice to be outside for a bit. I got these shirts on Etsy and I think they are adorable! They say Big Bro Jackson and Little Bro Walker.

Jackson loves his brother so much. I seriously cry every time there is a sweet moment. Which is pretty much all of the time. Probably has a lot to do with hormones! :)

Pure Preciousness.

Will you just look at this cute guy??  He is just the best.

Augh! I'm crying again. How cute are they??!!???

All in all we are all adjusting pretty well here at home. Renzi was off work all last week and is taking off all of this week as well and we are just soaking up this time together. I love what Renzi posted on Facebook on a pic of Walker. "Getting to know him getting to know me." 

We had a rough first two nights with sleep at our house, but last night was pretty much amazing. I think sweet Walker had his days and nights mixed up, or maybe he just wanted to be awake and hang out with us all night long. Who knows? He doesn't even really cry when he is awake, he just sort of does this short little squeal and hiccups and moves around a lot. But last night....he slept from about 10:30-1:45 and then from 2:20-6:30. This may sound normal to a lot of you, but remember, Isaiah only slept in 10 minute increments so this is quite amazing to us.

I'm recovering fairly well from the C-Section...still pretty sore and it's hard to get up out of a chair or the bed while holding a baby so it's nice to have Renzi here to take over with that. The doctor went right over my previous scar from the other 2 C-Sections so it looks pretty much the same and is healing quite nicely. I can't drive for 10 days because of the surgery and being on pain medication and such but that's ok, I don't really mind being chauffeured around when I need to be. :)

So...things are busy here but life is oh so good. Feeling so very blessed.

-Lee Anne


B. Young said...
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B. Young said...

I'm so glad things are going well! Congrats to your sweet family. We will have to get these babies together! :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Congrats on your sweet boy's arrival!! He is SO precious and I love the story behind how you chose his name. These pictures are adorable. Hope you all are doing well! :)

Ashley said...

Love all these pictures! He is precious!!!