Friday, August 20, 2010

Reading and Journaling

I bought a journal last year with different tabs that seperated the journal into sections. Each tab had a different title and it was really helpful in getting me to actually write in my journal. I had a tab for Prayer Requests, Scripture, Life and My boys. Anytime either one of my boys did something that was worth noting I would pick up my trusty journal and write it down. If I found a scripture I liked, I wrote it down. If something was heavy on my heart, I wrote it down. It was the perfect solution to get me to actually journal about things going on in my day to day life.

Since Isaiah died, I haven't been able to pick up a journal. I haven't even really been able to read my bible like I want to. I am a HUGE reader, but all I have been able to bring myself to read have been my US and People magazines that I faithfully have a subscription to. (I'm not ashamed! I admit it! Gossip magazines are my guilty pleasures!) I don't know why I haven't been reading much lately, but the other day I woke up and realized how much I missed reading and writing in a journal.

So, when Jackson and I woke up on Thursday and we were eating our breakfast together (he, peanut butter and jelly...don't ask, it's all I can get him to eat some days....and me coffee and cereal), he asked me "Mom, where are we going today?" I looked at my sweet boy with peanut butter in his hair and said, "Son, we are going to the library."

"Oh my gosh...really, really? Is Buzzlight Year going to be there?" Jackson asked.

"Ummm...maybe?" I replied.

So, off we went to the downtown OKC library and let me tell you. It was amazing! The Childrens Section was so big and there were so many things to see and do. The librarian was the sweetest lady and she helped Jackson get his very own library card. We played some computer games and then he and I picked out 8 books and 2 DVD's to borrow. *Side note, I will not be buying any more DVD's for Jax anymore...we will now just go to the library! You can keep them for 2 weeks and then go back and get more! He only watches something for about a week before he moves on to something else anyway!*

Before we left I went upstairs and browsed downstairs for a few books of my own to check out and found a couple that I am totally excited about. They are sitting on my nightstand right now and I can't wait to dive into them. As I was thinking about how excited I was to be reading again, I realized that I wanted to start journaling again....this time, I am going to do a "Thankful Journal." I chose this sort of journal because I feel that there are so many times in my day where I am thankful for this or thankful for that and I need to take the time to recognize these blessings in my life.

So, the point of this blog post is....Maybe this is another part of my healing. Getting back to things I like to do. Reading and Writing. Thank you God and thank you Isaiah for helping me to get back to the things that I love and for helping me to get back to me.

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