Monday, April 13, 2009

Rachel Virginia Grainger Bowman

My sweet husband's dearly loved Grandmother passed away yesterday. Here is something that he wrote about her.....

Grandmother Tribute:
A beautiful life ended perfectly in a hall where the prayers speed towards the heavens.
On Easter morning in the house of our Lord, nestled amongst the tall firs and tucked in the woods.

With a hearty laugh, a smile and a loving embrace,
Virginia marched through life with kindness and an admirable faith.
Why do you have to leave us so young, we ask through the tears?
To be with my Lord and Savior, the time is now and now I am here.

But we still need you. We want to talk with you. We miss you terribly already.
Oh, darling. My time on earth has passed. I am with the Lord and Tom looking down, I was ready...

For me to join them above but please do think of me,
When you see the tide coming in on a warm Florida day,
Or when the colorful oak tree leaves dance in the fall Virginia wind
Or even when you get a taste of a small mint candy – there is a little piece of me there thinking of you.

Now as I stand tall, looking down from above, I beg you to listen
I can speak clearly to you that death, although painful, is only the beginning…
Of the life everlasting, we know through Christ who died on the cross for our sins.

So what advice do you give us, Virginia, as we live out the remaining days?
To love one another. To be present in life’s special moments and to pray.
For salvation from the loving GOD is given freely. It is up to us to have faith about the cross that Christ carried away.

With that she was gone, off to a welcoming party in the stars,
You see, Tom, Jim, Daddy, Munner, Mary, and others have been planning her arrival for they knew her heart.

We are left on this earth to grieve her loss and celebrate her grace,
And when I close my eyes at night, I see her blue eyes and elegant face

So you leave us on the day where Christ rose from the grave.
We love you. We miss you. We kneel down and pray.

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Anonymous said...

I was honored to know Mrs. Bowman through her cousin, Lillian Roberts Obenchain. Virginia was a remarkable person, and I have meditated on this lovely tribute to her while remembering her fondly today. Jill McIntyre, Charleston, WV