Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats Renzi!

Last Friday, Renzi had a meeting with a few people from OU and found out he had been awarded one of OU's most distinguished Graduate awards...the OU Regents Alumni Award. He is so honored and we are so proud of him! He works so hard and does so much good for other people and for our community it is so fitting that he is honored in such a special way. There is a reception for him at OU following commencement May 15th in Norman and we can't wait to be there to celebrate! In fact, Jackson and I were ready to surprise him when he got home from work Friday with pictures that Jackson had colored and champagne (juice of course for Jackson and I). These pictures are from our mini celebration. Please excuse Jackson's poor left eye....he got Pink Eye from school the previous day and poor guy was a trooper! Congrats Renzi! We love you more than you know!

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