Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eating me out of house and home....and not sleeping.

Yup....that's little man is eating EVERYTHING in sight these days.....and has apparently decided that since his now a one year old, that he doesn't need to sleep through the night anymore...something he has done since 6 weeks of age....and he seems to feel the need to NOT sleep in his crib anymore, but rather, snuggle up next to mom and dad in our bed, except it's not really snuggling up next to us....sidenote: why do kids sleep horizontal and not vertical like the rest of us? I can't tell you how many times I have woken up to Jackson's feet in my face.

I digress....

When we went to Colorado a couple of weeks ago, we promptly went to the grocery store to stock up on baby food and people food. Jackson had still been eating mushy food that we fed to him and then one meal that he fed himself (usually dinner and it was a Gerber entree or something of the sort), but for the most part he was happy to have us feed him. Well, as soon as we landed he must have decided that baby food was for babies and that he was a big boy. Now, he won't let us feed him AT ALL. He has to do it. As a result, this is what he looks like after feeding himself most meals. This was a particularly messy meal of chicken and black beans. Oh, and he ate the ENTIRE chicken breast in one meal. 

I am assuming that he is eating more because is so much more mobile and he is burning more calories daily.....but does anyone know why the kiddo isn't sleeping like he used to? Or have any suggestions?

Lee Anne AKA Baby Momma

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