Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Super Walker and Baseball Jackson

Walker has been really into Super Hero's the past few weeks and it makes me laugh. I found this cape that Aunt Ginny sent the boys two Christmas' ago and he has been wearing it nonstop. I guess it has replaced the ski goggles. :)

As most boys do, he loves to jump off of things and give me mini heart attacks all day. He loves to get on my bed (no judging that it is not made), and JUMP and yell "Super Walker!"

It's really pretty cute.
And then, moving on to my 13 year old....oh wait, I mean my 7 year old. (Can you believe how grown up he looks in this picture??????) He started pitching machine baseball a few weeks back and it is so much fun to watch him play!
He has been playing catcher and 3rd base....but I think he likes catcher the best.
This one is loving spending time at the ball field. He has discovered the yumminess of ball park nachos (yuck) and ring pops. This picture was taken right after he licked the fence. #notajoke
And I had to share this pic because no matter how old my kiddos get I always want to carry them to bed when they fall asleep somewhere else. I realize now that I may only have a few more months of carrying Jackson because he is ginormous but I will do it as long as I can!

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