Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Up in my grill

Do you ever feel like your kiddos are all "up in your grill" all the time. 24/7. 7 days a week.

Someone is always touching you. Wanting to sit in your lap. Hold your hand. "Hold You," as both of my kiddos have lovingly called it.

Sometimes it drives me batty. But most of the time....it makes my heart swoon.
I cherish these moments when the boys want to hold my hand.

Or fall asleep in my lap at a restaurant.
Or sit on my lap because they think it's the most perfect spot to be.
I know someday there will come a time when they don't want to hold my hand, or have me hold them, or sit in my lap, or just be near them.
So I am going to remind myself each day, even when I am most annoyed because I just want to sit by myself for a while...that these moments are fleeting.

So, my boys...come sit on my lap...come hold my hand...I will hold you always. Even when you are bigger than I am.

My heart is yours!

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