Monday, January 6, 2014


Every New Year instead of setting goals, I, like a lot of people I know and read, like to choose a word for the year and set some life goals around that word.

This year, the word INTENTIONAL kept playing over and over again in my head. So...that's my word for 2014. I want to be more intentional in all aspects of my life.

For example, here are some goals and areas I would like to work on being more intentional in:

-Be interruptible: Putting down whatever it is that I am doing and saying, "yes" to the little things. I don't want to let too many moments go by in my home life or my work life or my friend life where I just say, "Ugh...I am so busy and on a time crunch and have to get XYZ done." I want to stop what I am doing and pay attention.

-Listen more: This kind of goes with the first one, but I need to talk less and listen more. To everyone! I want to be able to dive deeper in all of my relationships like I used to be able to do. I understand that with small kids and babies sometimes it's hard to be able to do this, but I feel like I am at a point in my life and my kids lives where I can stop and listen to others. I love talking to people and hearing their stories, it's one of the things that makes me tick and makes me happy. I want to get back to doing that more.

-WRITE! I love to write but never seem to have the time. This blog has been so good to be able to document our lives and I love it, but I want to get more into deeper writings. I want to use my prayer journal more to document what I am feeling, what is happening and who and why I am praying for a certain something.

-Let the people I love know I love them: I want to do this with calls, cards, small gifts, phone calls, texts out of the blue, etc. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful circle of family and friends. I need to let them all know how much I love and adore them!

-Be more organized so everyone (including me!) runs smoother: I have to admit I am SOOOO much better in this area than I used to be, but I still have a long way to go. I want to be more prepared for each week with my kids schools and their after school activities, our weekly meals, my work and office schedule and keeping up with my husband's crazy schedule. I want to try not to feel overwhelmed by it all and be intentional about being more organized!

-Host more dinner parties with new friends: We have a lovely home and we love to cook and entertain. Why not take some time out and invite new friends and old friends over more and have a great meal, great conversation and great wine? One of my favorite authors is Shauna Niequist and her book, "Bread and Wine," has me totally motivated and excited to step out on a limb and try new recipes with fun friends around our table!

-Be intentional in my walk with God: I don't want to just go to church on Sundays, say prayers with the kids every night and at meals and be done. I want to dive deeper into my walk with God and see where that leads me. I don't know yet what that means....maybe join a bible study, attend Wednesday Night Alive at our church (St. Luke's United Methodist Church in OKC), or something else? I am going to be on the lookout for this "thing" I am looking for here.

-And then...there is this guy....

Who I love and adore and admire and just want to kiss on all of the time. I want to continue to make our marriage grow. There is no one else I would rather be around at all times. I seriously can't get enough of him. Until he starts to bug me. Ha! But really, I want to be intentional in my marriage and always be looking for ways to help us grow. Love him.

-And little munchkins. Sigh. They are so cute.

I want to be intentional in the lessons I teach them, be it school lessons they have learned at school or life lessons. THIS is the time where I can teach them all of the goodness and how to handle the bad in life. I want to be focused in on making them the best young men they can be!

Thanks for reading and hope to update as the year goes on, on how all of this is going with certain examples. I feel if I put this out there for others to read it holds me more accountable!

Happy New Year!

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